I normally connect from my home but when I connected from my phone my account got banned!

Rest assured your account was never suspended.  The connection you are currently using is being blocked. Trying a new connection will resolve the issue.

When you connect to the internet via a phone/3G or 4G you are using a dynamic IP address to connect to the internet. Meaning your device only holds on to your IP address for as long as you are connected. If you lose connectivity, power the phone off or leave it idle for a long period of time it will grab a new IP address when you do go live again and try to connect.

This pool of IP addresses it pulls from changes also and as such the data used to track IP addresses can lag or be inaccurate to some degree causing our filters to sometimes block those connections.

To fix this issue all you need to do is put the phone in airplane mode for 5 to 10 mins to reset your connection and try again.

You should also check to make sure you have not inadvertently connected to a public wifi as your data source. We block public wifis such as libraries, coffee shops, schools, etc.

You can verify your IP on google by typing what is my IP to be sure its changed.

I would clear cache and cookies for good measure also.


Your site thinks all my email addresses are invalid! I Cannot sign up!

We filter out disposable email addresses and email addresses that have been reported to us as not being able to receive our emails or Rewards notifications.

Your email may not be disposable. It is more than likely filtering your email provider because they block our emails.
We do this to ensure that every member is receiving important account notifications and to prevent disposable emails from being used on our system.
We feel it is much better for someone to know this upfront rather than sign-up and not receive any confirmation emails or worse, miss an email that has a Gift-card code in it.

We recommend Yahoo or Gmail as they are known to work 100%

I did an offer and it did not credit. What do I do?

The first thing to understand is that not all offers are guaranteed to credit…and…not all offers will credit.

This can be for several reasons;

  • User error…i.e. closing out the offer too early before reaching the page that fires the notification, not confirming emails, or not following the instructions exactly as stated.
  • A browser setting or plug-in is blocking it from communicating or accessing the cookies. Review Browser settings here
  • In the case of purchase/trial, CC offers; an invalid payment type was used such as a pre-paid credit card or other virtual payment types which the merchant has chosen not to accept.

Ok, so all of that is not relevant to your situation. You used a valid payment method, all instructions were followed, but for some reason you never saw the points hit your account. Here is what to do to make sure you get the fastest resolution:

  • 1st Step….WAIT….that’s right, wait at least 24 hours before reporting an offer. Many offers can get delayed or are slow to credit normally. some offers can take as much as 24 hours to show up in your GaB account. Many times a day someone will ask in chat about an offer not crediting only later to log out and have it credit in the task ticker…waiting resolves the issue in many of the cases.
  • Report the offer to the offer-wall using the support feature found on the wall where you completed the offer.
  • Follow the instructions to submit a support request for that offer. Be sure you completely fill out the form and provide all information requested. We suggest providing the most amount of information you can. Please see the Offer Tools page for info on how to find email headers, etc.

Please note –

  • Each individual offer-wall company makes the final decision on whether an offer is going to credit or not. Their decision is final.
  • They can refuse service and ban your account if you are rude. Please try not to vent as much as present the facts, comply with their requests for information, provide them with the complete and exact proof they request and patiently send reminders if necessary.
  • Manual credit requests are extended on a limited basis and reviewed individually as a courtesy in the event that an offer legitimately fails due to the offer-wall’s incorrect configuration or other reason. Accounts who have repeated MCRs will not be allowed to submit them without approval and may be suspended if abuse is suspected.
  • Many advertisers only report to the offer-walls on a monthly basis. This means that some manual credit requests can take up to 45 days to be investigated, processed, and your reward sent. This is the extreme case but in the event that you are told that they are waiting for an answer or it is taking longer than a week to resolve please understand that they will eventually conclude. Grindabuck will try to step in to expedite or get more information if you need it but only after you have first dealt with them and waited at least 7 days with no resolution.

Nothing seems to convert for me. This seems like way too much work than it’s worth…

You’re doing it wrong.

That’s the bottom line.

The good news is we are here to help. Not only do we provide many learning resources that you can use to learn on your own, we have gathered the best GPT community on the net. If you are having trouble earning at least $10 in a 2 or 3 day period as a beginner then you owe it to yourself to speak up and introduce yourself in our chat box. Many of our top grinders and Moderators have been there, done that and LOVE to help new members get over the initial learning curve.

One thing we always recommend is to do a tune-up of the basics you should be doing to ensure the best conversion rate for your efforts.

Make sure your browser is set up correctly:

  • Accepting cookies: yes
  • Blocking pop-ups: no
  • Allowing location: yes
  • Browser must be set to default

Detailed instructions can be found in our online earning guide

Ask for help in chat

Review the basics of earning

Try our list of easy offers with step by step instructions, screenshots, and tips.


Why is the site saying that I am on a Proxy? I don’t even know what that is…

We block connections from Proxy servers and other anonymous networks such as public WIFI’s, Libraries, schools, some mobile hotspots to name a few. Because of the nature of dynamic IP addresses and the lag between data sources to match against new connections there is going to be some margin of error meaning that some good connections may be blocked. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to bypass the filter so the only remedy is to connect from a different source if this is happening to you.

Some people have found that if they are on a mobile device that it sometimes inadvertently connects to the nearest WIFI. You should always check to make sure you are on the right network if all of a sudden you experience this issue. Also, with mobile connections it sometimes helps to leave the phone in airplane mode for a while to try and grab a new connection.

PLEASE NOTE: If you get a message saying the connection is banned for being a proxy. This is only a connection ban and your account is NOT banned. If you connect using an accepted connection you will find your account is not banned.

I just signed up at your site and I accidentally entered the PayPal wrong in my account profile. How do I change this?

Please send us a support ticket with the new email address. We will need to confirm the new email address and as long as there are no funds yet on the account we will gladly change this for you once you have confirmed ownership of the new email address.

Please note that for added security, if a PayPal address is changed on an account which has funds we must first confirm from the registered account email that the change is authorized and all cash-outs are frozen on the account for at least 48 hours.

How do I verify my Grindabuck account?

To prevent fraud we require each account to ID verify prior to sending out any rewards. To make it easy, we have streamlined this process into an automated process which will allow you to instantly verify your account in most cases.

As long as the information entered into the account verification form is accurate and valid the system will automatically verify you and grant you access to cash out your Grindabucks to the reward of your choice.

The account verification is done as part of the process for your first cash-out. and works like this:

Once you are ready for your first cashout ( i.e you have earned the minimum 1,000 Grindabucks ) you will need to go to your Stats page found here.

From the Stats page in the left column you will see a red button that says “Verify Account”.

Click the button and fill in the form.

After you fill in your information you should be directed to a page which asks you up to 5 questions.

This page must be completed in order to be automatically verified.

Please note: Not all accounts will be able to automatically verify and may require staff review before being approved. In this case, if you are not automatically verified please allow up to 24 hours for review. Contact support if it has been longer than 24 hours.

How long does it take to get my rewards after I cashout?

We send rewards several times throughout the day and night. If an admin is online and you remind us in chat we will process your reward immediately. There is only a short period of time everyday where one of us is not available. In this case we post that our maximum expected time is 12 hours. However, we usually send within 1-4 hours or less.