Start Earning


What this part of the tutorial is going to do, its going to basically show you the path of least resistance to get to your first cash-out. For a new user the minimum cash-out is 1000 GABS or $10. This isn’t too hard to do, but many people get started on the site, do 2-3 offers (most of the time incorrectly) and then say something along the lines of “this site sucks” and leave.

The 1st cash-out minimum is $10, after that it is lowered to $5 and at your 10th cash-out it drops down to just $1 thereafter

What really happened is they did not take the time to figure out how everything worked. This tutorial will get you yo your first $10 without any difficulty at all.

Below is an organized spreadsheet of the easiest offers on the site, and also the ones that pay the most for the least amount of work.

The key here is to remember that you are new to this. Not every offer is going to work. This list will be focused towards offers that are typically very good about paying out. You can also re-try offers that don’t credit you, this is one of those times clearing cookies between will help most.