The Basics


In this section we will go over the basics of grinding offers, surveys, downloads, trials and we will also include some tips that will make your grind easier and more efficient.

The Basics

Use real information

All offers on Grindabuck require real info when asking for it. Providing fake info will cause offers (a) not to convert and (b) the ones that do convert almost always charge-back to your account.

Accounts that use fake info on offers don’t last long and a lot of times result in getting IP banned across several networks.

The majority of free offers and surveys only ask for general demographic information or an email address anyway.

At Grindabuck you are always in control of how much information you share and with who.  We are dedicated to ensuring our members privacy is always in their hands and will never share or sell your personal information without your express and very clear consent beforehand. You can review our Privacy Policy for more information on how we value member privacy.

Bottom line: If you’re not comfortable sharing real info with an offer you’re better off to skip it and find one that you better trust or that does not require as much info.

Clear cookies between offers

Many of our advertisers use similar or same systems to track cookies for offer completions.  When completing different offers across different advertisers or groups of offers among the same advertiser it is advisable to clear cookies from your browser between every offer so that each offer gets an unobstructed, fresh browser, ensuring the completion notification is not blocked as being a duplicate. Be sure to check out our Offer Tools page for tools that can help you clear cookies without losing your log-in on Grindabuck or other sites.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not clear cookies until after you have confirmed all emails for the current offer. Some offers do not clearly state that a confirmation email will be sent so always keep your email open and check it ( and the junk/spam folder) for any confirmation emails before you clear. If you clear before confirming any emails you will remove/delete your completion cookie for that offer and it may fail to convert for you.

Use multiple emails

In the same way we clear cookies to ensure each offer has a fresh browser. Having multiple email addresses is also helpful in ensuring an email used on some other offer isn’t blocking the conversion of the new offer.

Keep in mind, when giving out your email to advertisers you should expect to receive their advertisements and newsletters, etc. It helps to have this type of email separate from your regular email account as not to overload your inbox with advertisments. You should create or change the email you use for offers on a regular basis.

The emails you use for offer completions must be created by you, you  must have access to the email, and it cannot be a junk or throw-away email.

We suggest yahoo or gmail for creating new email accounts.

Quick note about disposable emails: Almost every advertiser blocks them. This includes emails created using browser extensions like maskme. These types of emails are not permitted and can result in your account being blocked from one or several networks.

Some offers will frustrate you

It’s inevitable that you will run into an offer that won’t convert or an offer that you are sure you did everything correctly but it’s not working.

One thing to keep in mind, especially when doing purchase offers is that not all offers are guaranteed to credit so make sure you really have an interest in the product or service.

Most of the time offers work as intended as long as you have followed instructions and haven’t used an invalid payment method. If there is ever an issue with an offer not crediting the offer-walls have support portals. If a wall does not you can contact our support for guidance.

Every one of our top offer grinders can tell you stories of how they have been frustrated or felt like giving up in the past or when they first started.

In fact a few of them only stopped by chat to let us know how upset they were on their way out the door only to be helped by the community and become top earners. So don’t give up! Anyone can do this, it just takes some time to get the hang of it. We are always here to help!

As time goes on you learn what works, what doesn’t and what to completely avoid.

Don’t cut yourself short from a great opportunity, if you find yourself frustrated and ready to give up please ask for help in chat. The community is always willing to help and many of the other seasoned members who regularly cash-out daily have probably experienced the same issue or frustration and can lend advice or solutions.

About Reversals / Chargebacks

What is a chargeback/reversal?

This is when an offer you completed was rejected by the advertiser for various reasons and the points are taken back out of your account. This is not something that happens alot but it can happen especially if you are not following instructions or are attempting to repeat or fraud offers.

Offers that were completed more than once, trial offers that were cancelled early, purchase offers using invalid credit cards such as pre-paid or virtual card, and offers where confirmation emails were never verified are commonly rejected and will reverse. This is not an all inclusive list but you can get the idea.

A charge-back is usually the final say from the advertiser as Grindabuck has no control over which offers credit and which do not.

However, you can always contact an offer-wall’s support staff and request further review if you know you did everything right.

Don’t worry, if you do get a charge-back your account will remain open…even if you go negative. You’ll just need to bring it out of negative to cash-out anything.

NOTE:  We give normal consideration to accounts who occasionally receive charge-backs as it can happen sometimes. However, accounts who repeatedly have charge-backs will be suspended or deleted. Be mindful of not repeating offers or trying to exploit advertisers and charge-backs won’t ever be an issue.

If you’re not sure on something – asking us first is always the right way to go.

Take screenshots and save emails

Probably the most important piece of advice when doing paid offers is to always save all original confirmation emails AND take screenshots of the offer completion.

If an offer ever fails to credit having this proof of completion along with screenshots will help expedite the advertiser’s review of your claim.

Each offer-wall has a help feature that you can use to report offers and get support from. Offer-walls that do not have a support feature can be reached via email.

You can ask an admin or mod in chat for contact info at anytime or send us a support ticket.

Taking screenshots and saving them is very simple. Hold Ctrl+alt+Prntscrn or on newer systems simply hold the printscreen key to take a snapshot. Then just paste that image into paint or onto any of the image upload sites like imgur, etc.

Note regarding email confirmations: When an offer-wall asks for the confirmation email with headers – they are asking for the header information that is invisible on most email clients. Check our Offer Tools page for information on how to get an email with full-headers.

Tips and Tricks


Use Sandboxie for all download offers

IMPORTANT! If you are worried about adware or ads being installed on your computer or device when doing download offers we strongly recommend using SandBoxie or a similar program to protect your computer or device.

Taken from this FAQ question perfectly describes how sandboxie keeps your system safe when trying out new apps or downloads.

What is Sandboxie and how is it different than other solutions?

Think of your PC as a piece of paper. Every program you run writes on the paper. When you run your browser, it writes on the paper about every site you visited. And any malware you come across will usually try to write itself into the paper.

Traditional privacy and anti-malware software try to locate and erase any writings they think you wouldn’t want on the paper. Most of the times they get it right. But first the makers of these solutions must teach the solution what to look for on the paper, and also how to erase it safely.

On the other hand, the Sandboxie sandbox works like a transparency layer placed over the paper. Programs write on the transparency layer and to them it looks like the real paper. When you delete the sandbox, it’s like removing the transparency layer, the unchanged, real paper is revealed.

Check our Offer Tools page for more info on this excellent download tool.


Use CCleaner or 'Cookies' Browser extension

PRO TIP: This is going to save you TONS of time and effort! Clearing cookies between offers should be considered as routine as washing your hands before cooking a meal. It ensures that each offer can communicate without the interference of past cookies stored in your browser. However, clearing cookies has a side effect…It logs you out of every site that uses session cookies to keep you logged in. This can become quite annoying having to log back in to all of your sites every-time you clear cookies.

Browser extensions such as CCleaner, cookies, vanilla cookies, etc. allow you to white-list domains that you want to keep cookies for such as or your email account for example. You can then clear all cookies without losing the session cookies to the sites you choose to white-list and remain logged in to.

You will no longer have to log back in to the sites you white-list after clearing cookies between offers :)

Stop by our Offer Tools page and pick out a cookies manager for your browser. It is a must have for any serious grinder.


Let the completion page chill

You want to ensure that the completion page of your offers has the ability to fully load ALL of it’s content. This is important because offer completions pages vary from offer to offer. The coded mechanism that triggers the offer complete notification to our server might not load until the very end. Meaning other objects on the page could have priority to load over the object that triggers your points to be delivered. So, if an object that has higher loading priority on the page gets hung up or loads slowly, the object that fires off your completion may not fire until the whole page loads.

For this reason – we recommend leaving all completion pages open for at least a few minutes to ensure that you are not pre-maturely closing out the page.

Going a further step – it is good to also wait a minute or two in between offers since, as mentioned earlier, advertisers often use similar systems to track completions. By doing this you ensure that your previous completion is cleared out and won’t interfere with any new ones.


Fill out all survey profiles

SUPER IMPORTANT:  On the offer-walls such as ‘Peanut Labs’ or ‘AdscendMedia’ and especially on the direct survey walls like ‘Opinionetwork’ and ‘SaySoforGood’ filling out your profiles will unlock the highest paying surveys. Surveys can pay out as much as $30 per completion (although rare to see a $30 survey, they do come up) but most fall in the range of 30 cents to $4 or $5. At any rate, that’s free money in exchange for your opinions! It’s the safest, Free-ist (new word) way to earn significant Grindabucks.

Please also read our Survey guide posted in our forums …This will give you a good idea of what to expect with the survey grind.

1. Fill out your profiles.

In order to get the most out of the survey sections it is important that you use valid/real information when filling out your profiles. To get started just fill out the initial profile form with your information. Once completed you will be taken to your survey dashboard.

2. Follow and Complete

Before you start be sure to take the time to accurately fill out any other profiles if available to open up more opportunities. This will also help speed things along when doing surveys as your info will be automatically entered for you.

3. Earn Rewards!

Be sure that you go all the way to the confirmation/thank you page. Once completed you will receive your Grindabucks within 24 hours. (In most cases your reward will arrive in your account within an hour or so.)

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Happy Earning!


Ways to earn

Answer surveys

By far one of the best ways to earn without having to spend any money.

Surveys pay well. Surveys are a straight-forward; trade your opinions for rewards…It’s that simple.

Grinders that learn to mix surveys into their daily earning ritual enjoy the benefit of these additional high paying boosts to their Grindabuck balances.

The highest paying surveys can be found on your dashboards at Opinionetwork and SaySoForGood since these are direct to the advertiser. After that we highly reccomend Peanut Labs, Adscendmedia, and OfferToro.

Please read the Survey Guide posted in our forums before you get started so you know what to expect and what to avoid, etc.

Free offers

Free offers can be found on every offer-wall. They come in the form of sweepstakes entries, fun polls, viewing website content, submitting your email address, signing up to receive free samples, and much more.

Most of these offers are pretty easy to figure out and the instructions are fairly clear.  We have included several free offers on our list of offers with instructions found in step 3 of this guide.

Free offers tend to pay out less per offer but many of them can be completed quite fast, one after another, making free offers a great source for stacking Grindabucks and getting to the next cash-out.

Paid offers

Paid offers are generally among the highest paying offers on Grindabuck. There are often times when you can grab really awesome deals on items or services you were already interested in AND get free Grindabucks at the same time.

Even better…Occasionally, there are also opportunities to spend less than what you are rewarded in Grindabucks for trying a product! Grinders with a keen eye learn to spot these opportunities!

Key Notes:

  • Purchases made using pre-paid debit/credit cards or virtual visas are not guaranteed to credit. Use them for paid offers at your own risk.
  • Immediately cancelling purchase offers will result in a reversal of points earned and possible account ban.


Downloading apps and programs is a great FREE method of earning.

REALLY IMPORTANT: As mentioned above, if you are concerned about adware or advertisements being installed on the computer or device you’re using for offers you should protect your computer using a program like SandBoxie.

SandBoxie is quite easy to use and protects your computer. It is the safest way to evaluate new apps and programs while not risking unwanted adware, etc.

Please stop by the Offer Tools page before attempting any downloads to learn more about SandBoxie.

Micro Tasks

By selecting this option from the left side-bar menu you are taken to our CrowdFlower Tasks page powered by Superrewards. Here you can register for a crowdflower account and start earning GaBs by completing small, easy, tasks around the internet. As you gain more experience with CrowdFlower tasks you will progress in rank and be introduced to better and higher paying micro-tasks within CrowdFlower.

MinuteStaff - Fast and easy tasks

Looking for instant gratification? MinuteStaff offers are by far the easiest and quickest converting offers on the site! Many of the offers on MinuteStaff only require a few clicks to earn a few GaBs.

This offer-wall is commonly over-looked my many because of the micro-offers and micro-payouts but loved by those who have discovered that grinding the MinuteStaff Offer-wall can be done almost mindlessly while doing other things like watching a movie or while waiting somewhere in line.

You will love how the micro-payments really stack up to nice sums over time!

Also, MinuteStaff is the best way to reach the offers completed requirement for the Monthly Achievement Bonuses. If you are short on a few offer completions, head on over to MinuteStaff and knock them out in no time!

Referring Friends

Earn Grindabucks in your sleep! Get 10% of the Grindabucks earned by any of your referrals for as long as you both have an account in good standing.

There are many ways to get referrals…Blog posting, forum posts and signatures, creating guides, writing help articles or posting ads locally, to name a few, but the method that returns the best result is when a member brings a family member or friend to the site and personally walks them through the steps to their first cash-out.

If you need ideas or help finding referrals please ask in chat or contact us on the site and we will be happy to help.

Trial Offers

Trial offers allow you to choose from and test drive many products and services at a huge discount.

In addition to any special deals you get for trying a product or service you will also earn Grindabucks!

This is a great way to try things out and get rewarded for the effort however there are some considerations with this way of earning you must consider.

  • You cannot immediately cancel a trial offer after you’ve been rewarded. Doing so will lead to account ban and all points earned will be lost.
  • If you are trying a service which has a monthly recurring charge and you decide you do not want to keep it after the trial you must cancel it before the trial ends to avoid being charged full price for the next month’s service.  We recommend keeping a spreadsheet to track trials so you do not have any unwanted surprise charges on your card.

Email submits

These are easy and a great source of points. Most of the email submit offers only require that you enter your email while others may require a longer path and/or confirming your email so be sure to always check for confirmation emails.

It’s important to clear cookies between each email submit and always go to the end of the offer path to ensure that you receive credit.

PRO TIP: Use a browser extension to manage cookies. Clearing cookies will log you out of any site that uses session cookies to keep you logged in. Using an extension like “Cookies” or “Vanilla Cookies” will allow you to white-list the sites you want to stay logged into so when you clear cookies you’re not logged out of your favorite sites like! :)

Second tip: When whitelisting use an asterisk like this * That will make the white-list site-wide rather than just the page you are on.

Watching Videos / Viewing websites

Watching Videos and visiting websites is a steady/reliable way to stack Grindabucks. These offers typically pay out much less than other offer types but they are really easy to complete and the small rewards stack up over time. Videos can be found in the side menu ‘Watch Videos’ and the best offerwall for website  clicks is minutestaff.

TIP: For Easy, low point offers we suggest PeanutLabs and RadiumOne. New accounts on PeanutLans and Radiumone have a ton of easy 1, 2 and 3 point offers.

Monthly Bonuses

Not only does Grindabuck pay out higher compared to other large reward sites we throw a lucrative monthly bonus on top to make it even better!

There are 3 monthly bonus awards and each one earns you a bigger bonus and a bigger percent of your month’s earnings.

Here is how it works:




The 3 levels are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can see your progress at the bottom of any page when logged in. Each reward has a Points earned and a completed offers requirement to be awarded.

Example of Gold Monthly Bonus with 30,000 Grindabucks earned in one month:

Gold Bonus: 500 Grindabucks

Earning Bonus: 6% of the 30,000 girndabucks earned = 1800 bonus

Total Bonus: 2300 Grindabucks ($23) 

Once you hit any achievement you can increase your bonus by earning more Grindabucks because of the earning bonus

Details on the Monthly VIP and what the requirements are can be found here

Daily Check-in

This one is the easiest offer on the site! Just click the daily check-in and click the check-in button on the member home page to view our daily offer.

You earn 1 Grindabuck for checking in every day and if you check in everyday in a month you are rewarded with a 20 Grindabuck bonus at the beginning of the next month.

You can earn even more points by completing the daily offer that you are shown.